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Steve Morris, co-founder and CEO of YoungBiz UK and YoungBiz International is a businessman with a mission to make a difference in the lives of young people. After graduating from Georgia State University, he invested 10 years in an investment-banking career. His experience included money management, investments, and corporate and public finance. In 1994, Steve left the investment banking industry and founded Kids Way, Inc. in Atlanta, GA, which in 2002 became YoungBiz, Inc. via an asset acquisition. He is now involved in expanding the company geographically, sending trainers throughout the US and into many parts of the world. Under his leadership, YoungBiz Korea was launched in Seoul in 2003, and YoungBiz UK was founded in 2004. He is working with investors and partners to open other licensed or franchised YoungBiz territories in several countries.

Bonnie Drew, Many of YoungBiz print materials and educational programs were created under the leadership of Bonnie Drew, a national-recognized expert in youth entrepreneurship and financial education since her first book was published in 1987. She joined the YoungBiz staff in 1997 as Director of Public Relations and later served as Editor-in-Chief of the YoungBiz publishing division. From 2001 to 2008, she headed up the educational and training divisions of YoungBiz entities. In 2009, she retired from YoungBiz and is pursuing her passions and interests in prison ministries. For those who have questions or need assistance with YoungBiz curricula, Bonnie remains available as an educational consultant.

Lana Swartzwelder, President of YoungBiz Florida bought the license to the State of Florida in April 2007. Lana has a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education. She is also certified in Gifted Education. She taught school for fifteen years, owned, and operated Sylvan Learning Center franchises for twenty-one years in Central Florida. Lana is involved in the franchising of YoungBiz in Florida and training, selling, marketing and overseeing all Florida markets. She believes in giving back to the community, has been actively involved in both educational and non-profit organizations, and encourages all franchisees and staff to do the same.

Terry Swartzwelder, Executive Vice President, attained a B.S. in Business and spent most of his career in the housing industry. Terry became involved with Sylvan franchises in 1994 in sales and marketing and then joined YoungBiz in 2007.

Independent Contract Trainers are hired and trained to teach YoungBiz programs.

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