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A Head Start to Business

$18.99 - $180.00
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Recommended for teaching ages 12-14

A Head Start to Business introduces younger teens to the concepts of business and entrepreneurship.

Available Purchase Variations:

A Head Start to Business Student Guide

Weight: 0.7 lbs

Student Guide – $18.99(104 pages)

Students learn how to recognize market opportunities, evaluate business ideas for feasibility, develop 10-page by business plans, raise start-up money, and manage business finances.

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A Head Start to Business Leader's Guide

Weight: 1.35 lbs

Leader’s Guide – $30.99(168 pages)

A Head Start to Business Leader’s Guide provides 16 detailed lesson plans with instructions for games, hands-on activities, contests, class discussions, and even a class trade fair. Suitable for school classrooms or community organizations, this curriculum is structured for 8-hour, 12-hour, or 16-hour programs. Additional suggested activities can extend the program to 30-40 hours.

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Classroom Set: 10 Student’s Guides and 1 Leader’s Guide – $180.00 (Order the classroom set and save $10!)

A Head Start to Business course is designed to help students achieve academic standards in Language Arts, Math, Economics, and Applied Technology. The curriculum is also aligned with the national standards for entrepreneurship education published by the Consortium for ——- Entrepreneurship Education.

Weight: 8.35 lbs

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