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Featured Products

An Early Start for Biz Beginners
Introduces older children to the eight phases of starting and operating a business, from becoming an entrepreneur to expanding the business.

A Head Start to Business
Introduces younger teens to the concepts of business and entrepreneurship.

Money and Financial Skills
Money and Financial Skills is a fun, practical course that helps students achieve academic standards in Language Arts, Math, Economics, and Applied Technology.

You're a Leader
The You're A Leader curriculum is designed to help students through the process of starting real business enterprises.

Business Today
Business Today is a one-semester curriculum that provides high school students with an in-depth look at business ownership.

Growing an Enterprise
Growing an Enterprise is a 21-chapter "reader" that explains the basics of how to start, manage, and expand a business.

The YoungBiz Activity Guide
Designed to make learning fun, The YoungBiz Activity Guide provides more than 50 activities that will strengthen skills in identifying business opportunities, creative thinking, problem solving, communication, and teamwork.

Industry leading curricula

If you want to give young people a new set of hands-on skills for today’s rapidly changing world of work, give them a business and financial education from YoungBiz. Our educational experts have invested over 20 years in developing successful curricula for students age 9-19. Whether students ultimately want to work for someone else or become business owners, YoungBiz courses instill practical knowledge about how business really works and how to handle money wisely.

YoungBiz makes it easy to teach and fun to learn about earning, saving, spending, and managing money!

YoungBIZ USA Online

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An online program ideal for the Classroom or Homeschool setting.

YoungBIZ USA Online Venture Launch is a hands-on, activity-based program that guides students in grades 6-12 through the decision-making and planning process of starting a business. The program can be taught in 30 hours, or expanded to as many as 50 hours by allowing students to do additional research, cyber tour of businesses, and with challenge activities.

Each of the 10 lessons covers an important aspect of business ownership. Students begin by using their creative abilities to brainstorm possible ideas for a business venture. They are encouraged to focus on their strengths and abilities to come up with possible endeavors that will be both successful and enjoyable.

As students experience each lesson, they learn business terms and definitions, visit business Websites on the Internet, conduct research, and keep a log of their start-up activities.

Students learn how to utilize resources, speak and interact with others in a business manner, create marketing materials, write a business plan, and work independently to solve problems.

They are also given suggestions on funding their start-up costs, as well as being equipped to handle legal aspects, such as permits and taxes.

Throughout the program, students make real-world decisions with money, learn to negotiate with customers and business associates, and recognize entrepreneurial opportunities in their communities.