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Featured Products

An Early Start for Biz Beginners
Introduces older children to the eight phases of starting and operating a business, from becoming an entrepreneur to expanding the business.

A Head Start to Business
Introduces younger teens to the concepts of business and entrepreneurship.

Money and Financial Skills
Money and Financial Skills is a fun, practical course that helps students achieve academic standards in Language Arts, Math, Economics, and Applied Technology.

You're a Leader
The You're A Leader curriculum is designed to help students through the process of starting real business enterprises.

Business Today
Business Today is a one-semester curriculum that provides high school students with an in-depth look at business ownership.

Growing an Enterprise
Growing an Enterprise is a 21-chapter "reader" that explains the basics of how to start, manage, and expand a business.

The YoungBiz Activity Guide
Designed to make learning fun, The YoungBiz Activity Guide provides more than 50 activities that will strengthen skills in identifying business opportunities, creative thinking, problem solving, communication, and teamwork.

Business TodayBusiness Today

Workshop for Entrepreneurship/Business Instructors

Learn how to maximize the components of the YoungBiz Business Today curriculum to get students in the High School grade levels excited about business and entrepreneurship. Discover unique ways involve your class or youth group in making real-world decisions about business from the very first day of class — then keep them engaged throughout the program. Whether you are infusing entrepreneurship into another mainstream course of study or teaching an after-school enrichment program, Business Today will provide the activities, lesson agendas, and tools you need to make your program a success!
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You're a Leader Leader's GuideYou’re A Leader

Workshop for Entrepreneurship/Career Development Instructors

Attend the You’re A Leader workshop presented by YoungBiz, the company at the forefront of the youth entrepreneurship education industry since 1999. Teach your students valuable leadership and communication skills, entrepreneurship methods, and marketable business skills that will prepare them for success in today’s ever-changing economy. You’re A Leader provides leadership and decision making skills combined with Entrepreneurship skills.
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Money and Financial SkillsMoney and Financial Skills

Financial Literacy Workshop for Teachers/Program Managers

Attend a Money Skills and Financial Skills workshop and discover how to empower students with the key financial skills that will help them learn to save, invest, and manage money as well as develop financial independence. Enjoy 1 full day of learning from YoungBiz, the company at the forefront of financial literacy education and youth entrepreneurship.
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