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Advice from Mimi Valdes of I am Other

Recently I was invited to Fast Co. Magazine’s Innovation by Design Event here in New York City, NY. While my schedule has been crazy lately, I told my assistant to send me the list of who is attending and presenting. As I scrolled the list, I saw some very cool and interesting business people like Tony Fadell the creator of Nest Thermostat and former Apple Engineer. D’Wayne Edwards who founded the Footwear Design Academy Pensole and has worked with stars such as Carmelo Anthony in the area of Sneaker Design. But one name jumped out at me when I scrolled the list was Mimi Valdes of I am Other. Mimi Valdes is the VP and Creative Director of I am Other which was founded by Iconic Music Producer Pharrell Williams. Mimi is also one of the creative minds behind the mega hit song “HAPPY”.

Once I saw this list of impressive business folks, I was in and decided to attend. At the event, I had a chance to get backstage and meet D’Wayne Edwards of PENSOLE (it would be great to connect some talented youth with him, David Butler of Coca-Cola and Mimi Valdes of I am Other.  Chatting and connecting with these great business people is always a great learning and networking experience. One take away I can share was Mimi Valdes advice on sticking with your vision. To quote Mimi, “If you can envision your plan and design, stick with it and don’t deviate until it is the product that you envisioned” Great advice as it’s very clear Mimi Valdes used that same mindset to help Pharrell Williams create the hit “HAPPY”.  By the way, just in case you’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere and haven’t seen the “Happy” video, here you go (or atleast we know our raving teen fans will be “Happy” to see the Video again!

Thanks Fast Company, and I’ll see you guys next year!

YoungBiz CEO Nick Rodriguez with Mimi Valdes, VP & Creative Director of I am OTHER

YoungBiz CEO Nick Rodriguez with Mimi Valdes, VP & Creative Director of I am OTHER

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