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Go after it the way NBA Superstar Carmelo Anthony Does

This past week I headed to my Boxing Gym in New York City, NY to get a great workout in. When I arrived, I found that NY Knicks Superstar Carmelo Anthony and I have a mutual trainer and friend in professional Boxer Hino Ehikhamenor.

As I observed Hino Training the 6’7 ft. tall Melo, I began to see how much time, energy and endurance it takes to be a star in the NBA.

Melo was working through a gambit of boxing drills that not only is a killer workout but it helps keep him ready and sharp for the upcoming NBA 2014-15 NBA season. So it’s clear being an NBA Star is a year round commitment. Very similar to the art of giving you’re all as an entrepreneur.

We recently held a YoungBiz USA Starting YOUR Business Program and a topic we drilled home to the YoungBiz USA Students were to commit to what you love, go after it like it was your last breathe and aim to master what you do at the highest level. This without a doubt requires a 100% commitment to what you’re aiming to do.

Just like MELO does year round! Go get em YoungBiz USA Nation!

Melo and YoungBiz USA CEO Nick Rodriguez  Boxing Gym, NYC NY

Melo and YoungBiz USA CEO Nick Rodriguez
Boxing Gym, NYC NY – 5/2014

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