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YoungBiz USA hits the New York Stock Exchange

We recently had the cool opportunity to visit one of our close sponsors on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Not only was the action on the floor fast paced and non stop, but the business leaders from various corporations roaming around and talking business was a great experience in its own right. It was also awesome to be on set for the airing of CNBC Squawk Alley and Carl Quintanilla was a great host.  Thanks Carl !!

If you follow our moves here on the YoungBiz USA Blog and via social media, you know we always take a training lesson away from everything we do. So here is the valuable lesson from the floor of the NYSE —–

1) Get familiar with the language of business ! It will allow you to hang around with business minds that are more experienced than you and if you know the lingo, you’ll feel like your part of the action.

2) Work the room and make friends. You never know who will share your mission and maybe join your next advisory board or better yet, invest in your next venture !       ( )

Special Thanks to the NYSE for having YoungBiz USA and we’ll see you at the next big IPO!

Live Taping of CNBC Squawk Alley @ the NYSE 9/2014

Live Taping of CNBC Squawk Alley @ the NYSE 9/2014



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