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YoungBiz USA Meets with CBS Radio’s WFAN Boomer and Carton Show

Today was just AWESOME ! YoungBiz USA’s CEO Nick Rodriguez and Director of Marketing Clifton Bartley had a chance to meet with NFL Great Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton of the CBS Radio’s WFAN Boomer and Carton Show, Tribeca NYC (101.9 FM and 660 AM). We always look for great opportunities to meet with successful entrepreneurs and business people who are great at what they do so we can bring that knowledge and experience back to YoungBiz USA Youths. And we got that opportunity with Boomer and Carton.

The CBS WFAN studios are awesome and when we got a chance to meet with Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton we realized the old “cliché” of do something you LOVE is the TRUTH. These guys were having so much fun talking about Sports! The marketing aspect of their operation was awesome. They treated the callers to their show with class, respect and made them laugh! Most importantly they treated us as if they’ve known us for 25 years. Talking with Boomer Esiason made me realize that youths have so many opportunities inside sports……they just don’t know it.

So what can we take back to our youths of YoungBiz USA Nation?

1) Strive to do what you LOVE

2) Master What you choose to do with your life and have Fun doing it! (Trust me listen to Boomer and Carton, these boyz have FUN)

3) Treat the people you serve with class and respect. With that a flow of loyal customers will develop.

You can catch Boomer and Carton Mon-Fri (6a-10a: 101.9 FM and 660 AM). We’ll be listening!!!

Nick Rodriguez and Boomer Esiason, Tribeca NYC.

Nick Rodriguez and Boomer Esiason, WFAN Studio NYC.

Boomer Esiason, Nick Rodriguez, Clifton Bartley and Craig Carton

Boomer Esiason, Nick Rodriguez, Clifton Bartley and Craig Carton @ WFAN Studio, NYC



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