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Interview with Ryan Kelly of Ryan’s Barkery as featured on ABC’s Shark Tank


Recently I sat down with Ryan Kelly of Ryan’s Barkery as part YoungBiz USA’s interview series hosted on YoungBiz TV. This young entrepreneur (12 years old) has done some amazing work at his young age! To name a few of his accomplishments, he launched Ryan’s Barkery out of his kitchen with the help of his VERY supportive mother Daniela Kelly because he wanted a better and healthier dog treat for his adopted dog. Even more impressive, Ryan was a candidate on the ABC hit TV Show, The Shark Tank. It was on the Shark Tank where Ryan secured a $25,000 investment from NYC Real Estate Mogul Barbara Corcoran. And oh yea, did I mention this young dude is only 12 !

During our interview Ryan was very cool, calm and confident ! He knew his stuff like it was second nature. So very impressive. Thankfully Ryan is based right in Stamford Connecticut just a hop from New York City, so we’ll surely stay in touch and make sure we share Ryan’s growth with all of our young students.

Our interview with Ryan is a perfect example of what a young business mind can do if he or she is given the support and encouraged to act on their creativity and passions. When we meet youths like Ryan it reminds us how much we love what we do…………helping teens realize their creative genius and sharing it with the world thru the vehicle of entrepreneurship.

If you would like to catch Ryan’s interview with YoungBiz USA’s CEO Nick Rodriguez, click here:      — Awesome interview !!!!   Enjoy.

Interview with Ryan Kelly (Ryan's Barkery) and ABC Shark Tank Contestant in NYC, NY 12/27/13

Interview with Ryan Kelly (Ryan’s Barkery) and ABC Shark Tank Contestant in NYC, NY 12/27/13

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